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For the Love of Women..

We are aiming to gift 1,000 packs of COTTINI Cotton Hipster Shorts to women across Nigeria by December 31, 2022.

Knowing the health benefits of cotton underwear given our hot, humid climate, we think it will be a great gift for women dear to your heart.


Postpartum women, women who run orphanages, armed forces widows, victims of domestic violence, elderly women's groups, and so forth.

Do you have women in your purview you would love to send this worthy gift to? Then let us help you express that love.

How it works..

  1. Choose from any of the bundles below and check out. 

  2. Add the details of your beneficiary's name and chosen address on the checkout page identifying it as your donation.

  3. Select the "Local Delivery" shipping option for destinations within Nigeria. 

  4. We process your order within 48hours and inform your beneficiary.

  5. We notify you of delivery and send you an electronic gift certificate.

If you do not have an organization in mind, we welcome your donations to our chosen beneficiary. Contact us here 

Choose your donation 

A size set consists of 7 packs of COTTINI in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Each pack contains two pairs of shorts.


10 size sets 

Total of 70 packs 


5 size sets

Total of 35 packs


1 size set

Total of 7 packs 

For custom options above the Platinum and below Silver bundles, please contact us

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