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Updated: Nov 12, 2022


It is no myth that many heavy-busted women have chest pain. Many, however, think it is due to their large bust. Truth is, not always. When the weight of your breast rests high on your chest, you will have chest pain. This is usually caused by wearing smaller band sizes thinking it will give the right lift. Your everyday bra should keep your bust at its natural level, that way it will effectively hold your breasts at the best place they should be anchored. A good bra will do that work and wearing your perfect size is key to this. Women with big boobs feel light and smart because they have good breast support.


Shoulder pains occur when the weight of your breasts is resting on your shoulders. This implies that the bigger the breasts, the more intense the pain is IF YOU LACK SUPPORT. This will happen if your band is too loose, meaning it is not bearing the significant weight of your breasts. You, in turn, tend to tighten the straps which consequently puts more strain on your shoulders causing tremendous pain. If the cups are too small, they pull on your shoulders as well.

A classic way to know if your band is too loose is that it rides up at the back and you have to keep snapping it back in place. The alarming thing is this, the looser your band is, the looser it becomes because your constant pull then overstretches it.

Even if the bra did fit well at some point, you should regularly check that it is still giving you enough hold around your girth just underneath your bust. This is important.


There is a big tendency for ill-fitting bras to lead to upper backache and bad posture. Curiously, some not-so-busty women suffer from back pain too. Good breast support encourages an erect posture and the confidence that comes from it contributes a lot to that, especially with teenagers who have faster-than-average breast development.


Too many women attribute their stress levels to the business of the day. However, when you take a closer look at the details, each of us can fish out the stuff that most stresses us out.

Not getting enough support accumulates stress during throughout the day. From minor irritations to soreness, your bra is an important component to having a great day.

Getting a good fit cannot be over-emphasized and this can be done in a good bra store in addition to knowing what to look out for.


Ever dressed up, looked in the mirror, and wondered what was not working about the attire you had on? 90% of those times were about the type of bra you had on. You see, just as one size of dress does not fit all, so also one type of bra cannot work for all your clothes. When you say a bra does not fit an attire, it means it is not bringing out your most flattering silhouette. This underscores the need to explore various designs that compliment your bust type underneath your clothes.

Our breasts differ in size, shape, texture, position on the chest and spacing. Based on these peculiarities, a variety of designs have been developed over the years that will first suit your bust type and then will be fitting for the dress you are wearing.

Getting well-fitting bras can be challenging for many so knowing your estimated bra size can help narrow down your search to which store or brands carry your sizes and where to get them from. In my book, My Little Bra Book, you will find the quick reference checklist a good start to confident bra styling.

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