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I am Bukola also known as TheBraGirl. I am a bra fitting expert who equips women with bra solutions that empower them to live their biggest dreams more confidently.

Growing up with a slim body frame and large boobs myself, my bra journey did not get off to a smooth start. In fact, I got my first well-fitting bra way after college and it was a 30G. Yep, it was heaven on earth! I never thought that tacking my bras on the sides to make them fit will ever end, or that the pain on my shoulders would go away. However, those issues I thought were my ‘forever’ normal, like painful menstruation (even that has great solutions now), fizzled away.

Then I started making dresses for women. I am always fascinated by the mix of patterns, colors, textures, and odors of new fabrics. As well, I love bringing them to life from 2-dimensional sketches to attires that fit women like gloves. While doing this, I realized a problem, well among many…lol. I saw that women would love to style a design they have seen modeled by someone else it does not quite fit them as expected.

As a dressmaker, you get to interpret designs based on your clients’ body type, preferences, and so forth, but when you are not hitting that high note even you feel disappointed. Turns out, the one problem, out of is wearing bras that don’t quite fit or don’t fit at all. “But why?” I asked myself. How do we not know this?…

I decided to explore that gap, and like Alice in Wonderland, that little doorway opened up to very many talks around breast issues that have yet to make it to mainstream media.

It turns out that far more than making a fashion statement by appearing well put together, wearing bras that fit actually enhances our physical and mental health as women DAILY! When you literally go under the outer layer of fine clothes, jewelry, and make-up, the woman suffers when her breasts are not adequately supported. What’s more, that suffering is silent yet deep-seated. It seems to take backstage in the light of all we have to deal with, yet it is crucial to our productivity and therefore, profitability.

It has been a privilege to get up close with quite a number of women and I have found this one thread common to us all: SUPPORT IS KEY!

I am here to open up that conversation! To bring the muffled discussions to the village square. To clear out the confusion around bras for women, young and old. To say that, “you are the best you that exists, and the size of your breasts, big or small, only serves to add to your uniqueness and should not erode your confidence. Do I know it all? Absolutely not, but I know enough to connect you to your next solution, be it a bra that fits and flatter your body type, a woman’s story you need to hear, or someone you need to connect to. is an empowerment hub, a rendezvous spot for women looking for answers to various bra issues, a solutions arena where we throw down obstacles that tend to plague our everyday lives, and a place of uncommon collaborations among women. Will you go on this journey with me? Let’s do this!

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