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Bra story, hmmm….She struck me as authentic when I saw one of her posts on Instagram for the first time. In that post, she talked about children having manners in the public space and I knew I wanted to meet this person. A couple of days later, it happened that I would meet Ella Umeh-Ezeadilieje, aka veronicasdaughter, The Asanwa 1 of Instagram (that title thrills me a lot). A formidable storyteller whose sense of humor helps to drive home life’s lessons no matter how sober. I love her already.

We got talking and one thing is leading to another. Below is her post concerning her bra experience. To read the original version, please go to @veronicadaughter or @thebragirl on Instagram ————————————————————————————————————

I wish you guys can see my breasts very well…it’s a pity you can’t… I will tell you why.

As a young girl growing up in the beautiful city of Jos, I learned very early on that I will have big breasts… Veronica has small, size 36 breasts, so it was very different. By the age of 13, I was already wearing a size 38 bra My mother was distraught and didn’t know what to do with me…

So began my struggle with my breasts and what they represented. I hated them. People always laughed and pointed and it made me feel dirty. Then seeing a good bra that was my size was very difficult.

As I grew, I learned more and became more comfortable. My bra size was 42DD, so it was quite big and whenever I wear clothes, they stick out on my chest, making me feel self-conscious. Don’t get me started on the back pain that came from having large breasts.

See, women and their breasts are like men and their balls….or penises even, it’s a sore and sensitive organ, so it’s sacred. Mine was so big everyone wanted to touch and that made me want to protect them the more!


A few weeks ago I attended the Art of Pitching by EDC and while we were introducing ourselves, I met TheBraGirl and she took one look at me and said, “You may be wearing the wrong size of bra!” Wrong size? At this my age? How do I size my bra? I just see a big one, I collect it and if my breasts enter, that’s my size! It always entered o…but not quite.

Out of curiosity, I visited their Bra Kingdom Long story short, I have not been wearing my size! I wish I can lift my dress up and show you, people, the bra…una go say I don spoil

The lift and packaging that bra gave me…hay God! Holy Communion issa goal…even my Boyfriend commented on it oo! The only problem is that I bought only one and that one has suffered since last week. I put it on every day. In fact, let me go and wash it against tomorrow. Who does not like well-lifted breasts?

Ladies, are you wearing the right size of bra? More stories coming up…soonest!

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