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Cotton underwear is a must-have for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and look good in their clothes. It's the go-to fabric for pretty much every brief out there, but it's also used in a wide variety of other underwear styles.

So, what makes cotton such a popular choice? Well, here are just some of the many reasons why cotton is the best:

It's the most breathable fabric out there

Cotton is a breathable fabric. Being a natural fibre, it can wick away sweat, allowing your body to breathe. This means that you stay cool and fresh all day long even in hot weather.

Cotton also helps keep your skin healthy because it doesn’t trap bacteria like other fabrics do which causes odour.

It's super soft

Cotton is a soft material. Cotton underwear is softer than other materials because it has more give and stretch to it, giving you a comfortable fit. If you're not used to wearing cotton underwear, this may take some getting used to at first—but trust me, once you've tried it out for yourself, there's no turning back!

While other synthetic undergarments (like polyester or nylon) have their usefulness, they can get uncomfortable, even with cotton gussets. These types of fabrics tend not only to retain heat but also create friction against the skin which can lead to chafing and rashes. Generally, any type of tight-fitting clothing will cause issues if they don't breathe properly, However, they aren’t as common with cotton briefs.

Choose loose-fitting underwear with an elastic waistband that won't dig into your skin when you bend over or sit down. A snug fit isn't always comfortable — especially if it causes chafing or irritates your skin in other ways.

It's more durable than other materials

Cotton is one of the most durable materials you can use for underwear. It is mostly resistant to shrinkage and fading, which means that it won't get loose around your waist or fade with repeated washings. You can machine wash and dry cotton undergarments, as well as iron them if needed. They’re also tumble-dry safe, so you don't have to wait around all day if you forget to remove them from the washer before bedtime!

It's super easy to clean

Cotton underwear is super easy to clean. You can simply place them in the washing machine and then hang them out to dry.

It is worthy of note, however, that the durability of your underwear depends on how you care for them. If you wash them too often or use harsh detergents, they will lose their softness and become brittle over time. You can extend the life of your cotton briefs by washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry.

If you live in a humid climate, line drying your underwear after washing will keep their elasticity intact while preventing them from shrinking too much over time (and making them last longer).

It can be trendy too!

The days of boring cotton panties are long gone. Two reasons women tend to avoid cotton panties are usually due to the boring look and visible pant lines. These days, there are many interesting designs from low to full coverages that work well with contemporary fashion styling.

Our favourite cotton underwear is the COTTINI Hipster Shorts by TheBraGirl.

COTTINI's signature blend of cotton and spandex creates a garment that's soft to the touch, but also durable and strong, with no visible pant lines. For added comfort, the design features a seamless construction with flattened hems so there's no chafing or irritation while ensuring that you always look great.

In June 2022, COTTINI launched in extended sizes from S to 4XL, making it more inclusive for most body types. With a firm no-pinch grip waistband and generous room to cover large butts and thick thighs, this is underwear you will forget you have on all day—including your period days.


Cotton underwear is a great investment, especially if you have sensitive skin since it's soft, breathable, and easy to clean.

In this post, I discussed the benefits of using cotton underwear and told you why it's a better choice than other fabrics. I also shared with you my favourite pick for the best cotton underwear.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a new pair of underwear is that your priority should be comfort. If you're not comfortable, then there's no point in wearing it!

Hopefully, you learned something new about cotton underwear today and that this article was helpful to you in any way.

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